Les Brown Speech – You Deserve

This is the FULL seminar called “You Deserve” by Les Brown. I own this DVD and think it’s one of the best motivational programs out there. His passion for helping people realize their true potential really shows. If you watch this entire program and apply the principle he teaches, your life will never be the same again. Just sitting there and watching the seminar passively will probably do nothing in terms of changing your life. It’s only when you act on the things that you learn will your life actually begin to change. Only new action can breed new results.

“You Deserve” – Part 1 of 6

“You Deserve” – Part 2 of 6

“You Deserve” – Part 3 of 6

“You Deserve” – Part 4 of 6

“You Deserve” – Part 5 of 6

“You Deserve” – Part 6 of 6

I hoped you enjoyed this program. It’s one of my favorites. Now here’s another program I recommend called The Power of Purpose.

The Power of PurposeYour destiny is just waiting to be fulfilled. The Power of Purpose is guaranteed to help you find the courage and motivation to act on your purpose and earn the rewards that come from pursuing the kind of work you love to do.

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