It is surmounting difficulties that makes heroes

We typically call someone a hero when they do something courageous, something that most people would’ve been too scared to do. When it comes to pursuing dreams, those who continue even after failing a bunch of times could also be considered as heroes.

It really does take courage to not only dream big but to have the audacity to make the a reality. There have been far too many people who, when faced with obstacles, simply retreated.

It is those who refuse to give in, who remain firm in their commitment and continue to fight for their dreams who inspire the rest of us to want to be more than we thought we could be.

The world needs more people who are courageous enough to continue pursuing their dreams. They need someone to inspire them and give them a reason to keep going.

So become an inspiration; become a hero/heroine. There could be a lot of people counting on you.

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