How to Greatly Improve Your Results

May 27th, 2011 by Kevin Ngo

If you want to greatly improve your results in whatever goal you are trying to obtain, there is one thing you can do to make this happen. Before I get into that though, let’s take a look at how most people try to achieve their goals. By understanding this, you will see just why the method I am going to tell will work so well.

Normally when people set a goal, the excitement is high and the energy level is plentiful. So they go out and start taking massive amounts of action. This is great, but what normally happens after a few weeks or months is that they start going into a passive state of mind. Basically, their intensity level plummets and they find themselves less passionate about obtaining their goals and struggle to continue taking action at the level they were before. So to greatly improve your results, you must increase your intensity.

Let’s look at an example of this in the world of sports. If you’ve ever played a sport where you compete head on with your opponent, you will notice that often times you can defeat a person with more skill than you by simply playing at a higher intensity level than they are playing. When I say high intensity level, what I mean is that you are not holding anything back. You are going full out during the duration of the match.

I have experienced this myself many times playing various sports. For some reason, whenever I compete with someone who I know is better than me, my intensity level goes through the roof. I will go all out just to be able to keep up with their level of play. The odd thing is that even if they are more skilled than me, I sometimes find myself being able to beat them or at least come very close. In contrast, when I compete with someone who I know I can beat, my intensity level is usually a lot lower.

Here’s what I am getting at. If you want to greatly improve your results in achieving your goals, you need to increase your intensity, and the way you do that is by seeing yourself as the underdog. Now, as a side note, this won’t work for everyone. People who are not competitive by nature, will normally shy away and back down when the odds are stacked against them. So if this is you, this probably won’t work. However, you can still increase your intensity simply by revisiting your reasons to achieve your goals in the first place.

Those of you who are used to competition and usually play at a much higher level when coming up against someone who is more skilled than you, seeing yourself as the underdog can help you increase your intensity. This is a way to bring out that warrior within you, that winning spirit. It’s the voice inside of you that screams, “I will not back down!”

When you pursue your goals with that kind of mentality and intensity compared to going at it in a passive manner, you will greatly increase your odds of obtaining your goals.

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