I Can Make It Happen

Song by Jackie Pajo

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I chose this song because it’s about believing in yourself and just having the confidence and faith that you’ll eventually reach your dreams no matter how many times you’ve fallen down. Never let that burning fire within you burn out. Your dreams are waiting for you; you just have to fight for it.

Keep standing up each time you fall. You can make the dream you envision for yourself happen if you refuse to give up. Is there a chance of failure? Of course there is. In fact, the chances of failure is quite high and becomes higher the bigger you dream but don’t let that stop you from going for your dreams anyway.

The way these things seem to work is the more you fight and push forward, the more convinced life becomes that you’re no longer an easy target and that there are much easier targets out there that it can break down and keep down. If you keep working on your dreams despite the obstacles you will be facing, eventually, you’ll get so strong that no obstacle can get in your way. It can slow you down, but it’ll never stop you.

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