Hungry (Workout Music)

Song by Rob Baily and The Hustle Standard

Couple Doing Calisthenics (Mostly)

I chose this workout song because it’s intensity. Some people like to go to the gym, go through the motions, and call it a day and that’s perfectly fine. Then there are those who go to the gym for an all out battle. It’s them against their excess fat. It’s them against their lack of muscles. It’s them against that voice in their head that tells them to throw in the towel when fatigue starts to set in. It’s them against the distance between where they are now and where they want to be.

It’s no longer about doing a certain number of reps, it’s about how far they can go until failure, how far they can mentally push yourself until it’s physically impossible to do another rep. You get out what you put in. This song is about stepping up your game.

I included the 2nd video of a couple working out, mainly doing calisthenics, for added fitness motivation. You can either wish to be fit or you can put in the work, make the sacrifices and get fit. If you’re curious about what physical feats you can perform or how much greater you can feel if you take care of your body as if it was the most expensive and important machine in existence, then it’s time to find out.

Note: The word “kill” in this song isn’t used in the literal sense. It’s used synonymously to doing an awesome job such as going into an interview or doing a performance and ‘killin’ it’.

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