Heart of A Champion

Song by Nelly

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Heart of A Champion – I chose this song because it’s about giving your all especially when you feel like you can’t go on. If you workout or play any type of physical sports for that matter, you know that you grow the most when you push yourself past the point where your body says you can’t go on.

Similar to building muscle, you grow the most when you demand your muscles to grow by taking them past what they’re comfortable lifting. You can curl a pencil all day long and won’t really build any muscle but curl a weight you can barley do 10 reps and your muscles will get the hint that in order for it to continue to be useful to you, it has to become stronger. This is where pushing yourself even when you’re tired can make all the difference in terms of the results you get.

It’s the ability to push for that last rep, endure that last mile, go all out for 1 more minute… that makes a champion. Champions aren’t born, they’re made through intense desire and willingness to keep going even when they feel like they have no more to give. So, what’s your heart made of?

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