Dreams (Song)

Song by Mr. Wakobi

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“Follow your dreams”… a common advice we’ve all heard plenty of times but how many people actually follow their dreams relentlessly? Dreaming is easy but actually making those dreams a reality is a challenge often big enough to bring people to their knees. The road to any great dream is full of external and internal challenges.

Externally, you have the haters, the dream killers, the non-believers. So many people have tossed their dreams aside due to their negativity. Internally, you have your doubts, fears, and inhibitions. It’s that voice inside your head that tries hard to convince you to take the easy road and not aim too high in order to prevent you from being disappointed and hurt.

You can either let these things force you to give up and live with regret or you can make a firm decision that your dreams are far more valuable to you than the negative opinions of others or any challenge that may stand in your way.

It’s time to get serious. Don’t just follow your dreams, chase it down like it stole your baby. There are only so many times you can start over.

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