Song by Scribe

Dreaming – I chose this motivational song because of the message of dedication to one’s dream. During any pursuit of a worthwhile dream, there will be temptations to get you off track, to lose sight of your dream. These are tests to see your level of commitment. Anyone can feel excited about their dreams and work on bridging that gap between dream and reality when things are going well but how many can keep that enthusiasm when the obstacles keep stacking up?

Are you able to stay focused on your dream even if one day, everything was taken from you and you had to start over from the bottom? Are you able to get up and take action even when the people around you are telling you to give up on your silly goals? Will you ever accept failure as your final destination because it’s the easier option and not a single person will blame you for doing so? The road ahead of you will be rough, will you be able to handle it, even if it takes years or decades?

The ones who make their dreams a reality are the ones that push forward despite the setbacks and “acceptable” reasons for failure. Failure is not an option if your dream is to be yours.

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