Dream Big

Dream Big – David Cook (Thanks to JP for the suggestion)
Also the original version by the songwriter Emily Shackelton

David Cook

Emily Shackelton

Dream Big – I chose this motivational song because it has a positive message about dreaming big. When we were children, many of us had big dreams, grand goals that at the time seemed totally possible to us. As we grew up, however, many of those dreams became shrouded and we began to start dreaming smaller to protect ourselves from disappointment or ridicule from those around us.

This is a natural reaction of our mind and it can be useful in certain situations but when it comes to achieving your dreams, it can be more of a hindrance. You mind might tell you to dream small, but decide to dream big anyway.

When you choose to dream big, you choose to believe and have faith in yourself. Forget about past failures, they mean nothing. They are merely feedback from the actions you have taken. If one way doesn’t work, try something else. Dreaming small does no one any good. You can achieve far more than you think. When you achieve those big dreams, you inspire those around you to do the same.


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