Born For Greatness

Song by Jana Stanfield

Born For Greatness – We were all born to do something great. When we were kids, the world was full of possibilities. Nothing seemed impossible. As we grew up however, we were faced with ridicule from peers and failure from trying. We forgot that by the time we were 5 years old, we have failed hundreds of times trying to learn to walk, ride a bike, and form sentences. We forgot that all things are possible if we just don’t give up.

Your future isn’t predetermined but you can create the outcome you want by doing the things necessary to achieve that outcome. Don’t second guess your potential greatness. We all have that potential so the possibility is there but in order to claim your greatness, you need to first believe you’re born for greatness and then act accordingly.

Don’t forget this fact: You are here for a great purpose. Whatever that may be is something you must define for yourself. Since you found this message out of all the billions of webpages out there, then see it as a reminder of who you really are. You were meant to read this message in order to refocus and believe in your own personal power to create the life you want.


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