Song by Josh Groban

Download Believe

Believe – I chose this motivational song because of the message of believing in yourself. Many times we wait for the perfect moment, the time when all the pieces of the puzzle falls perfectly into place. We wait for this and that to happen before we get started on our dreams. The problem is that the perfect moment never comes.

Some people will wait a whole lifetime for a moment that never arrives. If you want to create the life of your dreams, you can’t just wait. Instead, you must take action on your dreams, whether you’re ready or not.

You have to believe in yourself enough to just take what you have and just go for your dreams. The skills you need, the people you need help from, those things will show up along the way. When you go for your dreams with the level of belief that’s so high to where you practically expect it to happen, you will attract into your life everything you need to reach those dreams.

This can’t happen if you continue to wait. By waiting, you never create the set of events that can occur to help you achieve your dreams.

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