All About You

Song by Classified feat Chad Hatch

It’s All About You – I chose this motivational song because of its message about how you should choose to live life the way you want to instead of a life defined by what’s on TV or how the people around you say you should live. It’s about living the way that makes you truly happy. Just make sure you go for the life you really want for the right reasons. Life can be tough at times. How you choose to deal with it is up to you. Just make sure where you end up is where you wanted to end up.

It’s easy to fall into other people’s expectations and follow a path you shouldn’t be on. A way around this is to make sure you know what you want out of your life. If it helps, sit down and write out the type of life you desire. Also figure out why you want those things. From there, create a plan and start taking action to produce those results.

This should go without saying but also make sure how you live your life doesn’t harm other people either. In other words, be smart.

When you stop living a life about impressing others and start living a life that makes you happy, you’ll have a much more enjoyable life.

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