All I Got – Boxing

Song by MC Hush

All I Got – I chose this motivational song because of the beat and message of how we’ve only got one shot. This song was performed on the boxing show “The Contender” so it’s aimed at boxing, but I see it more as we’ve got one shot at life. The message is one of urgency. There’s no time to mess around. This isn’t a practice round of life. It’s the real deal. Either you go all out and get your prize or sit on the side line and watch life pass you by.

Far too many people live as if there is plenty of time left, as if there is a second chance at life after this. Whether it’s out of laziness or fear, they keep putting off doing the things that will lead them toward a great life.

Drill into your head that this is all you’ve got, this one life. You can decide to either live out an average life or to do something great. If you want to produce an amazing life, you need a good, solid plan. From there, you need to take massive action. You need to produce as if your life depended on it. Despite the advice about getting up every time you fall, you need to realize that eventually, you won’t be able to get back up. Once time runs out, that’s it.

Just remember, there isn’t a game clock displayed anywhere. You don’t know when your time will be up so make the most of every minute you’ve got.

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