It’s A Beautiful Life

Song by Ace of Base

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It’s A Beautiful Life – I chose this song because of its upbeat tempo as well as the message of life being beautiful. If you put all your worries and troubles aside for just a minute and just focus on all good things about life, you’ll realize just how precious and awesome life is.

Sure, not all of life’s aspect is ideal. You can easily look around you and see things like poverty, crime, disasters, people in pain and so on but too many people focus only on the bad and as a result, they see life as bleak and gloomy and that mindset affects their outlook on life which affects how they live. I’m not saying to ignore the bad things since they’re also a part of life but I am saying to focus on the good things as well especially if you feel life is nothing but misery.

If you just take the time to notice what’s beautiful about life instead of what’s ugly about it, you’ll begin to realize that life is too short to not live it fully. There’s so much life to experience, yet so little time. Embrace, enjoy, and make the best of it while you still can.

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