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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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Never Give Up – The obvious reason I chose this motivational song is the positive message. Never give up on your dreams. “Work will win when wishing won’t, you’ve got to pay the price. No pain, no gain, don’t fizzle out, it’s time to roll the dice.” When you want something worthy, you’ve got to work for it. Not only that, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with screw ups, failures, and setbacks.

Not everyone can achieve their goals because not everyone is willing to keep fighting when things get tough. If you have something worthwhile you really want to achieve, even if it takes your whole life, never give up. What else would you be doing if you’re not going for your dreams? Sit around and waste your life away?


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  1. I am wondering who does this song or do you know? Who wrote it? I love this song but haven’t been able to find any information on it.


    1. I had this song on a CD over 10 years ago but have since lost it. I thought it was on one of the Songs For Success CDs but I couldn’t find this title on any of the albums. Sorry about that.

  2. Really nice song and quite motivating. I think one’s dreams are his or her key to success. You should really never give up on your dreams, no matter whatsoever hardships come your way. Really nice song, thanks. I will post it on my blog :)

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